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GENERAL INFORMATION LINKS (click on the underlined text to be taken to the website)

General info guide.  Can be picked up at the airport upon arrival and also available at most hotels and some restaurants.

General information website about the island.

More general information about the island.

And another general information website.

To beaches, attractions, night clubs, sporting venues and more.


Located across the street from Margate Gardens

The course is over 1000 feet in length and the highest platform is over 100 feet with the longest Zipline cable running close to 300 feet.

Beautiful and amazing artwork by Henderson Reece.  A must see studio.

Handmade Bajan pottery.  You can even create your own.

Roger's Scuba Shack
Located on Carlisle Bay.

5 minute drive from Margate Gardens

Very active atmosphere with abundant nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Located on the east coast


Within walking distance, we recommend...

A short drive...

Cutters located near the Crane

Restaurant Guide and another to more great restaurants


By Bus 

Rental Car

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